With the noah cushions your sofa will now be even cozier. Smart features, sustainable materials and a huge selection of colors make the cushion the perfect addition to your home.
Smart Combo
Smart Combo
Comfort in every situation. We designed the noah cushion to support you in different sitting positions. The cushion and neck roll can be easily connected and offer you the perfect combo for relaxing or extra support when sitting focused.
The neck roll and back of the cushion are encased in a 100% natural fabric of soft cotton and linen. The front cushion cover is made from 75% recycled polyester and the interior of the cushion is also made from 50% recycled fibers - without any animal components. Of course, all covers are removable, washable and therefore particularly easy to care for.

We say: the noah cushion is the most comfortable form of sustainability.
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Das noah Sofa besticht durch sein elegantes, modulares Design und seine nachhaltigen Merkmale. Mit unterschiedlichen Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten und einem Bezugsstoff in Hellgrau fügt es sich perfekt in jeden Raum ein.
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