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We believe the best form of sustainability is decades of joy. That’s why we combine the most valuable materials and the fairest production processes to create furniture that allows all individual parts to be changed, maintained and repaired.
Design for real life, for a lifetime.
All materials are chosen based on their durability and sustainability. From 100% natural and renewable to recycled or recyclable materials; we always look for the best solution for each of our products. Moreover, you are always free to put together your favorite combination and customize all colors.
Each Noah Living product is handmade in long-standing premium manufacturing facilities located in Germany. This combines innovative design with proud craftsmanship, years of experience, and highest quality standards. At the same time, we ensure greater transparency and a reduced environmental impact through short transportation and communication routes.
Directly to you Directly to you
Directly to you
We manufacture each product specifically for you and send it to your home without distributors or detours. This way you only pay for what's really inside: sustainable production and premium quality.
<tc>We would be happy to send you samples of our materials free of charge directly to you.</tc>
Fachplaner*innen senden wir gerne eine kostenlose Infobox mit Materialmustern in allen Farben zu.
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Stofffarbe - Polsterkopfteil
Linoleumfarbe - Holzkopteil


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