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We believe the best form of sustainability is decades of enjoyment. For this reason, we combine the most valuable materials and the fairest production processes to create furniture in which all individual parts can be continuously changed, cared for and repaired.
Design for real life, for a lifetime.
All materials are selected for their longevity and sustainability. From 100% natural and renewable to recycled or recyclable; we always look for the best solution for each piece of furniture. And you always have the freedom to put together your favorite piece and customize all the colors.
Every Noah Living product is carefully handcrafted by traditional German companies. This is how innovative design meets proud craftsmanship, many years of experience and the highest quality standards. At the same time, we ensure more transparency and less environmental pollution with short transport and communication channels.
Straight to you Straight to you
Straight to you
We manufacture each product especially for you and send it to your home without intermediaries or detours. So you only pay for what's really inside: sustainable production and uncompromising quality.
Gerne schicken wir Dir Muster unserer Materialien kostenlos nachhause.

Stofffarbe - Polsterkopfteil
Linoleumfarbe - Holzkopteil


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