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Awarded the Red Dot Award, German Design Award 2021 "Excellent Product Design: Furniture and Eco Design" and winner of the ICONIC AWARDS 2021

We believe the world needs less but better products. That's why we produce them. Products that inspire with their shape and functionality, use resources sustainably and provide long-term joy. In short: products that enrich our life.

<transcy>Rethinking the Sofa</transcy>

Thanks to its unique modularity and innovative plug-in system, you can set up your noah sofa in the blink of an eye every day as it suits you, whether classic, as a lawn, bed or seating group distributed in the room - or simply take a module with you in another Room or balcony. The Noah sofa is child's play to assemble and convert. Without any tools. It is therefore a dynamic companion and can be adapted to your needs at any time. A completely new sofa experience.

<transcy>GROWS WITH YOU</transcy>

Thanks to the modular structure, the noah sofa can grow and change with you. For example, start with a 2-seater and later easily expand it to a three-seater, a corner couch or a meter-long living area. No need to discard your noah sofa from your student days, just make it your family sofa.

<transcy>NEVER LETS YOU DOWN</transcy>

Have you ever had to throw away a couch because of a stain, a sagging spot or a broken foot? All parts of the noah sofa can be easily exchanged and recycled. You only have to replace a small part, but never the whole sofa. That saves the environment and your wallet. The individual modules can also be easily transported - getting stuck with bulky sofas in narrow stairwells is a thing of the past.

Sustainably produced

We manufacture your noah sofa to order in Germany and send it to you without a middlesman. So you only pay for what is inside: sustainable and fair production and long-lasting quality.

Free Shipping

We will send your noah sofa to your home free of charge within Germany. There you can assemble it in just a few minutes, without tools, and relax immediately.

Testing without risk

Lean back and test your sofa for 30 days, risk-free. Unsatisfied? We'll take your sofa back and refund you every penny.

<transcy>LEAN BACK AND RELAX</transcy>

Let's be honest, a sofa has to be one thing above all: damn comfortable! That said, there are a surprising number of uncomfortable couches out there. We don't know why that is either. We only know how much effort we put into designing the perfect upholstery combination so that you can lean back and relax.

Built to last

The noah sofa is built to provide long-lasting pleasure. We have also used high-quality materials on the inside, which still offer the same comfort even after decades. They are processed into your noah sofa by our production partner in Germany. The manufactory has been building furniture for 125 years and produces exclusively for high-quality premium brands. Quality for you and a sustainable use of resources.

<transcy>A Fabric for Real Life</transcy>

The fabric is the heart of every sofa. So that you can enjoy it for a long time, the noah fabric is not only wonderfully cozy, but also dirt-repellent, washable and particularly durable. The performance fabric can be easily cleaned with soap and a little water or removed completely and washed in the washing machine. A material for real life that forgives small and large accidents and lets you relax on the sofa carefree. And if you ever want to bring new momentum to your interior, choose a new color and simply swap the fabric. You can combine as many colors as you want.

<transcy>Worldwide Shipping</transcy>

The Noah sofa comes in practical boxes with which we can send it safely and inexpensively all over the world.

<transcy>Within EU</transcy>

If you put the Noah sofa of your choice in the shopping cart and enter your address, the shipping costs to your country will be displayed in the next step.

<transcy>Outside EU</transcy>

For shipping to Switzerland, Norway, UK or outside Europe, please send us a request with the Noah sofa of your choice. We will immediately make you a shipping offer including customs clearance.

<transcy>Made it.</transcy>

Off to the sofa


Follow us on the journey of creating furniture for a sustainable world of tomorrow.


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