Headboard Soft Flex 160 cm - Single

€849,00Inklusive MwSt.

Rahmenfarbe: Eiche-Natur
Stofffarbe: Beige
Delivery in 8 weeks

Order outside of Europe on request.

Mattress and slatted frame not included
Delivery in 8 weeks

Order outside of Europe on request.


We've carefully chosen the fabric for your noah Bed to ensure it supports you in getting a healthy and natural sleep. The material is made from 100% natural linen manufactured by a linen workshop in Belgium. Choose your favorite color from six different options. Treat yourself to the best for a restful sleep and pick your favorite design for your noah Bed.


If you ever get tired of the color – no worries. We understand that tastes can change over the years. You can simply reorder a new fabric cover from our shop and give your bed a fresh new look.


For minor stains, the fabric can be cleaned with some water and a cloth. Otherwise, you can machine wash it at 30 degrees. This way, you can ensure your sleep environment remains clean and hygienic at all times.

Fabric Samples

Want to feel the noah fabric yourself and take your time to find the perfect color that matches your decor? We'll send you fabric samples for free, right to your doorstep.

Technical Specifications

100% Linen

1029g/lm (+/-5%)

Abrasion resistance
> 40.000 Martindale

Pilling (1-6, 6 best)
Pilling: 3-4

Lightfastness (1-8, 8 am best)
Artifical light: 5

We are happy to send you samples of our materials free of charge directly to you.
We are happy to send free information boxes with material samples in all colors to professional planners.
Sample box

Fabric color - Upholstered headboard
Linoleum color - Wooden headboard

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